The “World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims 2017” was commemorated

Luchemos por la Vidadeveloped several activities dedicated to their memory and aimed at changing this tragic reality, among them: a press release was sent to over 1500 Argentinian mass media: radios, TV channels, news agencies, online portals and other audiovisual media, with an awareness message that was consequently disseminated by many of them. At the bottom of the page are some links to the main newspapers who spread the information.

Press Release 

189.790 deaths in 25 years isn’t just a number

No war or natural disaster has caused such a tragedy in our country

The United Nations has instituted this World Day in memoriam of the millions of traffic victims around the world. In Argentina, unlike other countries, this figure does not decrease. On the last 20 years, almost 190.000 people have died because of this and millions have been injured, many suffering permanent disabilities. And that’s not taking into account the millions of relatives and loved ones of the victims, who are so many more. No war, catastrophe or natural disaster has caused such tragedy.


Luchemos por la Vida also sent a letter to the Pope reminding him of the Remembrance Day and asking him for a prayer for the victims. Besides, with the adhesion of the Episcopal Commission for Migrations and Tourism, Luchemos designed and printed 10,000 posters that were sent to every Christian church and parish in Argentina. This poster is aimed at remembering everybody’s responsibility and involvement in the care for life on streets and roads through a responsible behavior, this year dedicated especially to the importance of respecting pedestrian priority, which is a group that every year increases its protagonism in serious crashes with high mortality rates. 




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