189.790 deaths in 25 years - 19/11 World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims

Sunday, 19th November

World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims

  189.790 deaths in 25 years isn’t just a number

No war or natural disaster has caused such a tragedy in our country

The United Nations has instituted this World Day in memoriam of the millions of traffic victims around the world. In Argentina, unlike other countries, this figure does not decrease. On the last 20 years, almost 190.000 people have died because of this and millions have been injured, many suffering permanent disabilities. And that’s not taking into account the millions of relatives and loved ones of the victims, who are so many more. No war, catastrophe or natural disaster has caused such tragedy.

That’s why the best tribute to the victims is doing what’s necessary to stop these preventable deaths from repeating themselves. In keeping with the request from the United Nations under the “Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011/20” to halve deaths in traffic on this decade, Luchemos por la Vida calls up on each and every one of the citizens, and especially the competent authorities, to take on their responsibility with concrete actions to diminish significantly the number of deaths and injured people.

 Road safety must be affirmed as a matter of State policy; through coordinate efforts and joint decisions by the national, provincial and municipal authorities, competent on the subject. The following measures are required urgently:

- Enforcement in streets and roads, which ensure the practical validity of the Law (for example speed controls, alcohol checks, seat belts, helmets, etc.) and effective sanctions to offenders. 

- To legislate the crimes against road safety and speed reductions.

- To ensure an adequate training and a serious and responsible issuing of drivers’ licenses across the country.

- To make continued and systematic road safety education a reality in study programs and in the classrooms of pre-school, elementary and secondary schools across the country.

- An urban planning that enables orderly and fluid traffic and investments necessary to achieve a safe and efficient public transport (rails, roads, etc.)


We are all responsible in the care for life

It’s about doing, once again, what needs to be done

Dr. Alberto José Silveira

Luchemos por la Vida