Safe and Sober talk 2011

Safe and Sober talk - Zurich 4th October 2011

In companies, the alcohol interlock is used as a quality assurance tool to comply with a company’s alcohol and drugs policy. With the alcolock, a company can guarantee that they only use sober drivers for their transport services. Many companies have already had alcohol interlocks in their vehicles as an excellent guarantee of safe and sober transport services. More and more municipalities, county councils, public agencies and companies that source passenger and goods transport services are making alcohol interlocks a requirement in negotiating contracts.

In this context, ETSC and the Swiss Council for Accident Prevention BFU are setting up a Business to Business seminar in Zurich on the implementation and use of alcohol interlocks by small, large and public companies. Debates will focus on implementation processes, timeline, cost/benefit analysis, feedback.

For more information and registration click here. Registration numbers are limited.