Luchemos por la Vida's activities for the 2nd UN Global Road Safety Week

2nd UN Global Road Safety Week - May, 6-12, 2013

Luchemos por la Vida joined the campaign "The Long Short Walk" for pedestrians' safety


Luchemos por la Vida carried out different activities during the 2nd UN Global Road Safety Week, aimed at promoting pedestrians' safety. The Association invited the community to be part of a mobilization for this cause by creating a national network for pedestrians’ life. For this, we informed to different institutions (schools, NGOs), groups interested in the issue, etc. about the initiative in order to organize "The Long Short Walk" .

The opening act was held on Monday, 6th at 9 AM,in front of the emblematic Obelisk, in the City of Buenos Aires, with the exhibition, for 4 hours, of banners aimed at car drivers with the message: “Give priority to the pedestrian”, and the distribution of leaflets* for pedestrians that included self-protection proposals, counting on the presence of authorities and collaborators of this Association. The activity was well received by drivers and pedestrians, who were interested in the received information, and made us know their concerns and suggestions to improve traffic safety in the City of Buenos Aires, while some TV channels and radios spread the event.


 On Thursday 9th, we were in front of the Casa Rosada (Government House). The Executive Director of the National Road Safety Agency (ANSV), Felipe Rodríguez Laguens, also participated in this activity, as it's shown in the last 2 pictures above. 

        "The Long Short Walk" was also carried out on Wednesday,8 -with a school- and Friday, 10 -for 4 hours each day- in 2 important corners of the City of Buenos Aires, where thousands of pedestrians circulate every day. 

        At the same time, a lot of activities promoted by Luchemos por la Vida were carried out in different cities of the Interior of Argentina, with the participation of local NGOs and educators. We highlight activities carried out by "Vecinos Autoconvocados por la Autopista 8", whose local members went into action in: San Antonio de Areco, Capilla del Señor, Pilar, Arrecifes, Parada Robles (Province of Buenos Aires); and teachers and schools from Rada Tilly (Chubut), Necochea (Province of Buenos Aires), Federación (Entre Ríos), Carlos Paz (Córdoba), among others.


  • We invited national and local authorities connected to the issue to participate in the event and to contribute to pedestrian safety by creating better conditions in the infrastructure for safe walking.
  • We promoted the reinforcement of the new mass awareness campaign, “Safe Pedestrians”*, on TV and radios during the whole year, to make pedestrians aware of their vulnerability, increasing their perception of the risk and to remind them safe behaviours when they are in the street.
  • We distributed for free the educational video “Hunters of pedestrians” to schools and invited them to participate of the National Contest “Safe Pedestrians in my City”. 
  • A press release was spread among mass media with information about the 2nd. Week, the risk situation of pedestrians in traffic and the activities during the Week, which were also publised in Facebook and our web page.

 This way, Luchemos por la Vida keeps on with its crusade to save the life of more than 1,500 pedestrians that die every year in the traffic of Argentina, who are part of the nearly 270,000 pedestrians that die per year in the world.

Leaflets can be seen if you click here

The awareness campaign "Safe Pedestrians" can be watched here