Luchemos on the second day of the Global High-Level Conference on Road Safety in Brazil

Statements by the main speakers at the closing of the Conference, under the topic: “Time for results”

On the second day of the Conference, in which Luchemos por la Vida’s President, Dr. Alberto Silveira is participating, the international speakers bring to light the fundamental themes for the achievement of the goals of the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020.

Gwen Boniface, in representation of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, based on the US, expressed that “it’s very important that the agents of control, police officers, etc., are well trained to accomplish their objectives and save lives, through a simultaneous action of sanction and education, to achieve changes on the population, that people can accept and understand, and of course control and evaluate constantly police action and the results that could be obtained...”

For her part, Ana Johansson, Sweden’s Minister of Infrastructure said that “teaching road safety education to children is fine, but the responsibility of abiding to traffic laws and setting good examples belongs to adults, and the authorities must control everybody’s compliance.”