Decade of Action for Road Safety: 2012 Activities in Argentina

Luchemos por la Vida supported this proclaim and committed to continue working strongly in Argentina. For this, it carried out different activities. One of the most remarkable ones was:

Mass campaign on radio, TV and cinemas: An awareness campaign in radio and TV called “Safe Kids” to increase the dissemination of the usefulness of the use of Child Restraint Systems in vehicles. This new massive campaign aims to increase the awareness about the risk among the parents and the positive appraisal of the use and usefulness of Child Restraint Systems in case of crash, in order to increase their use.
From January to August, 2012.
A new awareness campaign in radio and TV called “Helmet at Bike” to spread the benefits of its use (which is compulsory by law) and achieve that all the cyclists use it.
From September to December, 2012.


These campaigns are spread by the most important TV channels and more than 700 radios all over the country, with excellent results related to divulging, memory and comprehension among the population.
”Safe Kids” campaign is available in Youtube and radios can download it from “Helmet at bike” campaign will also be available in September.


Luchemos por la Vida is also carrying out these activities, among other ones:
Seminar on Traffic Safety and Traffic Safety Education National: “Global Plan of the Decade of Action for Road Safety: Identifying problems, designing and developing effective actions”.
Buenos Aires, June 28-29, 2012
During this seminar, aimed at training officials, public agents and associations, the local problems that cause most of the victims on our streets and highways and their solutions were analyzed in line with the Global Plan proposed by the United Nations.


Distribution of brochures and leaflets.
From April, 1st to December, 31st, 2012
Delivery of leaflets, brochures, posters available for everybody who wants to join the campaign, from all over the country.

Sunday, November 18th - World Day of Remembrance for Traffic Victims
In Argentina, apart from the responsibility of each individual, the Government has an inescapable responsibility.
* That is why we will reiterate our request:
-Effective controls on streets and routes, to ensure practical compliance with the law (i.e., an effective control of speeding, drunk driving, seatbelt use, helmet use, etc.) and effective punishment of offenders. - Ensuring an adequate driver training and serious and responsible management of the issuance of drivers’ licenses.
-Implementing systematic and ongoing traffic safety education that includes the subject in the curricula at all levels (pre-school, elementary school, middle school) all around the country.
-Urban planning that helps make traffic flow orderly and protects all public road users.
-Officials of all levels (authorities, officials, public employees) must set a good example by obeying traffic laws (seatbelt, speed, parking, etc.).
* Luchemos por la Vida will invite responsible people of all the religions to say a prayer for the ones who died in traffic accidents, during the acts of worship celebrated that weekend, following the example of what different religions do in other countries for this occasion (as we have already been doing since two years ago) .
We will send a letter to each bishop of the country, to catholic and christian churches and to ministers from other religions to promote the day, to request a prayer for the victims and to make believers remember their responsibility in safe driving.