Use of cellular phones when driving

Don’t use neither the cell phone nor other equipments that cause distraction and tension when you are driving. The cellular phone, that is a very useful tool in the current communication, is, nevertheless, a serious problem when driving.

The number of accidents caused by people who were talking on the cell phone while they were driving is increasing all around the world. The attention that phone communication demands distracts the driver and the stress that the content of the call may cause bothers his/her driving, with consequent delays or mistakes in the actions. And the solution for this is not a hands-free device. The point is to have the “free mind” of any other concerns different from driving. That’s why, traffic law prohibits their use while driving.

According to many investigations, the use of cellular phones is a factor that multiplies by four the risk of having an accident. While someone is talking on the phone, although he/ she is using a hands-free device, he/she loses the capacity of concentration which is needed to drive: a constant speed is not kept, safe distance with the vehicle which circulates ahead is not enough and the time of reaction increases considerably between a half and two seconds, depending on the driver.

Data provided by other reports show that  “after talking on the phone (even with hands-free device) for a minute and a half, the driver doesn’t perceive 40% of the traffic signals, his/ her average speed decreases 12%, his/her cardiac rhythm increases abruptly during the call and it takes him/her more time to react”. Besides, the risk related to the misuse of the cellular phone can be comparable with driving under the effects of alcohol.

Turn off your cell phone if you are driving.

Your safety is more important than any call.