Driving with fog

Don’t drive with fog


Avoid driving with fog. This means that, if you know beforehand that the road you are going to drive in is affected by intense fog, put off the departure or choose another road, if you can.

If fog catches you when you are driving:

  • Switch on low beams  and fog lamps if you have them.
  • Slow down the speed.
  • Don’t use high beams because they will reflect in vapour drops and you will see less.
  • Use windscreens and the demister to improve the vision.


Apart from the suggestions which have been mentioned, if the fog is very thick:

  • Switch on emergency flashing lights.
  • Slow down “substantially”.
  • Get ready to brake faced with a stopped car, never to pass it.
  • Get out of the road as soon as you can.
  • Park in a safe place until the fog fades away.
  • Never stop on the road.