Services offered


Luchemos por la Vida is a public service entity, with non-profit aims and one goal: fight to prevent traffic accidents. In Argentina this accidents provoke a daily rate of 20 people dead. Annually 7500 deaths and more than 100.000 injured.

Municipalities, schools, associations, TV channels, companies, public or private organizations, and general public can receive the following services from Luchemos por la Vida:

Road Safety high quality posters to be printed: Teaching and learning posters. The CD-ROM contains high quality versions to print posters in any size or material. Helmet high quality poster to be printed.

Posters, newssheet, leaflets: for traffic prevention. 20 top themes aimed at mass communication.

Teachers’ seminars on Road Education and Awareness (Buenos Aires and rest of the country): Perfect for civil servants, primary and secondary school teachers, companies or general public interested in road safety and education. [More information]

Training courses for companies’ employees: to train general or professional drivers for the traffic reality.

Road education for everybody: workshops for the entire country. From 2 hours to 3 days long. [More information]

Road education and Safety: training workshop for those in charge of applying the law. To be conscious and well-trained.

Luchemos por la Vida Magazine: to raise awareness and spread the most advanced guidelines on Road Safety. [More information]

Road Education Travelling Team: National Plan of Road Education, “Schools for Life” Program. For pre-elementary, primary and secondary schools.

Handbook for safe driving: by María Cristina Isoba. Essential for those who are preparing to take the Driving License exams, and for any kind of driver who want to prevent traffic accidents by safe and responsible driving. [More information]

Movies and short-films: about road awareness and education as well as accidents prevention. Own and foreign production works with high educational value. In most of the cases, materials were translated, adapted and dubbed by this association. [More information]