Ad campaigns

Twenty years of an uninterrupted fight

Since 19 years ago, Luchemos por la Vida has carried out the only permanent and systematic massive campaign of prevention of traffic accidents on the Argentinean radio and television that is broadcasted all along the country and some other Latin American countries.

Designed to help prevent deaths and wounds in the traffic, it points to make people concern about the serious problem of traffic accidents, to increase the “perception of risk” among the users of the public highway and to promote safe road behaviors.

For that, through the use of several and changing advertising strategies, the organization provides concrete information about safe behaviors in connection with the main causes of the accidents and deaths in the traffic. The keys for the prevention of the mortality in the traffic are spread every day: use of seat belt and helmet, alcohol and driving, speeding, night driving, safe pedestrians, passengers and bikers, among others.

With different formats, the advertisements provide “argumentative” messages that are suitable for population in general and for focused groups. Nearly 1,000 Argentinean mass media –among them, the open TV channels, the cable TV channels, AM and FM radios from Buenos Aires and all the Argentinean provinces and from Latin America through CNN en español and some other international channels- are part of the Net of Mass Media for Life that spreads, unselfishly, the preventing messages.

On television